Button Spelling

Button Spelling is a fun spelling game for 6-11 year olds that uses visual mnemonics to teach you how to remember difficult spellings, rather than just testing you on them. (What’s a visual mnemonic?) Each word is illustrated on a full-colour card that highlights the tricky letter(s), then gives you a way of remembering the spelling that is linked to the meaning of the word.

Here are some examples.

Button Spelling is a game for 2 players. Full instructions are included with the pack, including suggestions for variations of the basic game. It is a perfect starter, plenary or extension activity for use in the classroom, and can be used by pairs of students by themselves or by an adult and a student working together.

It’s also great as homework activity. It’s much more fun than doing Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, and it’s more effective (here’s the evidence). Siblings can test each other, or challenge an adult to play with them. Can you beat your big brother or Mum or Dad at spelling? You will soon …

Button Spelling cards are graded for difficulty, so you can choose the set(s) of words most appropriate for your level. All words are drawn from the Department for Education’s framework (2013), and are therefore fully aligned with the national curriculum’s literacy objectives

Red cards: Year 1, 5-6 year olds
Orange cards: Year 2, 6-7 year olds
Yellow cards: Year 3, 7-8 year olds
Green cards: Year 4, 8-9 year olds
Blue cards: Year 5, 9-10 year olds
Purple cards: Year 6, 10-11 year olds

Cards are available in two packs of 30: pack 1 is suitable for years 1-3, pack 2 covers years 4-6. Packs can be combined to cover the whole age range, or split into subsets to suit the age group, or to target specific words.

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The Button Spelling app is currently under development. The app takes the basic spelling game and puts it online, allowing pupils to test themselves. It uses and adaptiave learning algorithm so each child works a their own pace,

  • It uses an adaptive learning algorithm, so you can work at your own pace and learning is genuinely personalised
  • It is engaging and rewarding

For teachers:

  • It saves you hours of time, both in setting and marking spelling tests
  • Every child in your class can work on their own personalised set of spellings
  • All data is recorded and tracked within the system, with clear reports that show how each child is progressing

For parents:

  • No more supervising the Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check process each evening – simply log them into the app and let them do it for themselves
  • Your child will actually learn to spell!

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